Grinders & Shakers

  • Chilli Addict Grinder
    Our blend of hot chillies, and other spicy flavours, is perfect for the Chilli Lover. Use to add extra heat to your favourite dishes, leaving them heat-free for the rest of the family!
    NZ$ 8.99
  • Garlic Addict Grinder
    A divine combination of roasted garlic, onions, red & green peppers in its own grinder to add an abundance of garlic magic to your favourite food. Superb on roasts, barbecued meats or ground over steaming, Buttery baked potatoes.
    A must for all garlic addicts!
    NZ$ 8.99
  • Lamb Seasoning Grinder
    A medley of rosemary, black pepper, sea salt and garlic which is the perfect accompaniment to any lamb dish. Use to season racks of lamb or chops, before roasting. Also great as a seasoning for a lamb casserole.
    NZ$ 8.99
  • Sweet & Sticky Chicken Shaker
    A delicious sweet and sticky glaze, perfect for ribs, pork or chicken. Sprinkle generously over pork or beef ribs and marinate overnight before grilling.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Louisiana Cajun Seasoning Rub
    Sprinkle generously over oiled pieces of chicken, beef, lamb or seafood, about 20 minutes prior to cooking. For added flavour, sprinkle extra seasoning over your meat whilst cooking. Knead into bread dough before baking. Excellent seasoning for roasted potato wedges or stir through some cream cheese for the ultimate chip or bread dipper. For a flavoursome wrap or sandwich filling, use to season your chicken or beef strips.
    NZ$ 7.99
  • Mediterranean Roasts RUB
    Delicious blend of garden herbs and garlic. A great way to add flavour to the traditional Kiwi roast.
    NZ$ 7.99