• Cuisine Scene Red Wine Vinaigrette 375ml
      A classic dressing which will enhance any salad. Sweet and tangy, this is a favourite with home cooks and professional chefs. It also makes a great marinade for meats. Try drizzling over roasting veges in the last few minutes of cooking to give delicious flavour and colour to your meal
    • Cuisine Scene  Raspberry Vinaigrette 375ml
      Black Raspberry Vinaigrette is a colourful, tangy dressing flavoured with a winning combination of berry juice, mustard seeds and garlic which enhances any green salad.It is also great with chicken and seafood salads, or try marinading your chicken pieces in the dressing before cooking. A bottle of this vinaigrette makes a classy small gift - something different which the foodie in your life will love to try.
    • Lowry Peaks Lemon Splashing Syrup
      Fabulous warmed as a sauce over baked salmon or chicken – folded through with chopped fresh dill or parsley.
      Brilliant over vanilla or hokey pokey ice cream.
      Use with good olive oil in a vinaigrette.
      A comforting drink with hot water in winter.
      Limoncello: per person – 1 tbsp vodka, 1 tsp Lemon Splash, stir and pour over crushed ice. Very, very good!
    • Lowry Peaks Quince Splashing Syrup
      Serve with any chocolate pudding or cake – Quince Splashing Syrup cuts the richness brilliantly (see our recipe for the best chocolate brownie).
      Use as a fabulous glaze for poultry – brush over cooked poultry and return to brown in the oven for 10 mins before removing or pop under the grill to create a really professional look!
      Roast a vegetable medley (any vegetables). Sprinkle with Quince Splashing Syrup and serve.
      Add to the cooked juices of pork, lamb and venison.
      Splash into any tomato dish or soup to add real depth of flavour.
      Use with good olive oil in a vinaigrette.
    • Wild Appetite Wasabi & Ginger Dressing
      Dress mixed seafood or smoked chicken. Salads dress hot or cold poached salmon. Flavour but not the heat of Wasabi. Very high Ginger flavour.250ml
    • Zarbo Blue Cheese Dressing
      Rich egg based dressing with a subtle blue cheese flavour. Try it combined with walnuts, sliced pears, torn spinach and grilled artichoke hearts
    • Zarbo Caesar Dressing
      Use it traditionally with Cos lettuce, bacon, anchovies, boiled eggs, croutons & capers
    • Zarbo Sweet Chilli & Coriander Dressing
      A Zarbo favourite and low in fat! Drizzle over steamed vegetables,
      add to stir fries, splash over fish or chicken to give a taste sensation
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