• Simunovich Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      Olive oils have a delicious taste all of their own, but sometimes it’s great to add a dash of natural and complimentary flavour to truly make them sing. Here, a loving spoonful of crushed garlic has been blended with the cold press. Great in your favourite dressing or as a unique cooking base, the garlic infusion provides the perfect tang without ever tasting harsh.

      As with everything on the Simunovich Olive Estate, the secret to this wonderfully original infusion lies in the balance. This one is perfect.

    • Simunovich Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      In Mediterranean cuisine, the lemon is perhaps the most popular fruit after the olive in the preparation of delicious meals. Anything from cheeses, to seafood, to lamb can benefit from a dash of citrus in the mix. Here an ancient family method has been used to extract pure lemon oils and add them to this cold pressing to make the most delicately flavoured infusion of them all.

      It’s that faint hint of acidity that makes it a great accompaniment to a fresh summer salad or the key ingredient in a delicious marinade.

      Just like the garlic infusion, this is the result of finding that perfect meeting point between the natural flavours of our oil and the citrus kick of the lemon.

      250 ml
    • Simunovich Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      Use this oil every day in fantastic dressings and for cooking your favourite meals. Its light colour and flavour will delight the senses and help the body enjoy a long and healthy life. Comes in a 250ml glass bottle.
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