• Cuisine Scene Red Wine Vinaigrette 375ml
      A classic dressing which will enhance any salad. Sweet and tangy, this is a favourite with home cooks and professional chefs. It also makes a great marinade for meats. Try drizzling over roasting veges in the last few minutes of cooking to give delicious flavour and colour to your meal
    • Maison Therese Basalmic Vinaigrette 265ml
      Beautiful dressing over a salad. Perfect drizzled over Veges in a roasting pan and roast until caramelised. Great to use as a marinade, add to meat dish or to deglaze the frying pan or roasting dish.

      265 ml
    • Maison Therese Red Wine Vinaigrette
      Use as a dressing for a green leafy salad, bean or asparagus salad. Deglaze a frying pan or roasting dish or even use to marinate beef in.

      265 ml

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