• Shott Caramel
    This is a delicious natural caramel flavour that combines beautifully with coffee or chocolate. 750ml
  • Shott Chai Latte
    Chai originates from street vendors in India; the Chai Wallahs carrying pots of Chai which they serve in freshly fired earthenware cups, that are thrown away after being used. SHOTT have recreated the exotic flavour of traditional Chai by combining fresh whole cloves, cinnamon quills and cardamom pods; gently brewed to extract the maximum flavour and aroma. To enjoy simply add 25mls of concentrate to a cup of steamed, frothy milk. 750ml
  • Shott Cranberry & Lime
    Be seduced by this Sex inthe City favourite. Cranberry, Lime and a splash of Orange come together in a modern classic. 750ml
  • Shott Hazelnut
    Turkish hazelnuts are hand picked and sun dried. The dried nuts are then processed in a special way to separate oil from authentic “nutty” essences that SHOTT to create an exquisite naturally flavoured syrup. 750ml
  • Shott Lemon Ginger & Honey
    A triple treat of fresh crushed ginger root, squeezed lemon juice and Kiwi clover honey. This is a deliciously zesty, refreshing and uplifting beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold. 750ml
  • Shott Passionfruit
    Passionfruit, with its yellow polka-dot flesh, adds a tingle to cocktails, fruit smoothies, desserts and summer drinks. 750ml
  • Shott Tahitian Lime
    Juicy Tahitian Limes and a touch of Lemon marry in this tart-fruity mixer that's just begging for tequila and a warm tropical breeze. 750ml
  • Shott Vanilla
    The Bourbon variety vanilla pods from Madagascar and the Comoros are the raw ingredients for our natural vanilla syrup. Taste the delicate subtle flavours and warm, woody notes. 750ml
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